NORCO, CA — City officials feel the area is saturated with carwashes, so they are pondering a ban on new car-cleaning businesses here, reported.

The Oct. 1 story stated that the city council will discuss the carwash ban this Wednesday night, and the ban has some surprising supporters — other Norco carwashes. According to the story, the law appears to be written to protect carwashes that currently operate in the city.

Group calls for hand washing ban

There are at least seven carwashes here that offer a variety of services such as self-serve and detailing. “It’s saturated already within a mile-and-a-half radius. There’s too many,” Bryan Seng, owner of Norco Hills Car Wash, said in the story.

Of the two biggest washes in the city, one is owned by an out-of-town company and one is locally owned and supervised.

City gets serious about home washing ban

Norco already has a ban on self-storage units, which generate little tax revenue.

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