SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Surrey City Council shot down plans for a carwash that was supposed to be built on a vacant lot. Residents rallied in opposition against the proposed plan, claiming that the site could be used for something more useful for the community, The Now reported.

The Oct. 25 story stated that according to Councilman Tom Gill, the proposed site is a tough spot for development, and it would be better suited for a business that could bring a level of beautification to the residents of Surrey.

Carwash/gas station final plans approved

Other council members agreed with Gill, stating that the site would be suited better for something other than a carwash. Additionally, if something were to be built on the site, there should be a careful evaluation of what would bring the greatest benefit to a “high-transit” area.

The council has recently approved a commercial center with a drive-thru restaurant at a similar site.

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