KELOWNA, British Columbia — The owners of a Centex gas station and convenience store in Rutland plan to add a seven-bay carwash on-site, according to The Daily Courier.

City Council recently agreed to share the proposal during a public hearing on Feb. 16, stated the article.

At the public hearing the community will be able to say whether they are for or against the carwash, reported the article, which will also house two storefronts on Dougall Road and an apartment upstairs.

Concerns over noise associated with the carwash have been raised by some residents in neighboring Asher Place condominiums, continued the article.

To make way for the new carwash, added the article, an old house currently residing on the adjacent land would have to be demolished.

“The property borders busy Highway 33,” the article explained. “And other homeowners in the area are also contemplating selling to companies interested in commercial redevelopment.”

The planning department for the city supports the rezoning of the land to make room for the carwash, noted the article, which fits within the uses permitted in the town center of Rutland.

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