WICKLIFFE, OH — The lien holder on a blighted carwash here had hoped to prevent demolition of the property, The News-Herald reported.

The Sept. 11 story stated that Vitantonio Entities had filed a motion for a temporary restraining order to stop the demolition under the complaint that the lien holder was not notified of the action.

According to the affidavit, the company argued it was ready to make repairs to the building, and it can be fixed for less than $10,000. The city estimates that repairs would take at least six times that amount, the story noted.

To speed up the case, an agreement was made, and the city notified the lien holder of the building’s blighted classification. The agreement led to the dismissal of the court case, but once the new notification was sent, the lien holders did not respond during the 10-day deadline.

A new hearing has been set for the building, which has now been blighted three times, on Sept. 27.