WATERVILLE, Maine — The city planning board voted 4 to 1 on June 15 to recommend that the Waterville City Council rezone the former A.L. Weeks & Sons site for a carwash to be built, according to centralmaine.com.

Proposed by Jerald Hurdle, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, the wash will be automatic, touchless and open 24 hours without a staff, the article stated.

Local residents and businesses expressed their concerns for the carwash regarding potential air pollution, increased traffic and noise, reported the article.

Hurdle agreed to limit the wash’s hours of operation if the decibel levels exceed the maximum amount permitted in the zoning ordinance, the article continued.

“The board recommended [that] the property be rezoned from contract zoned district/commercial A to contract zoned district/commercial C with several conditions, including that a 30-foot setback from the front property line and a 20- foot setback from the side and rear property lines of the commercially zoned portion of the property be installed,” noted the article.

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