PORT ISABEL, Texas — The South Padre Island Development Standards Review Task Force (DSRTF) recently met to discuss the development of Isle Wash located in South Padre Island, according to the Port Isabel-South Padre Press.

The carwash’s owners Gerald and Susan Sher currently operate the facility, which is nonconforming under the Form-Based Code since “auto-related sales or service establishments are not currently allowed within the Town Center Crossing Character Zone,” the article stated.

However in operation before the establishment of the Form-Based Code, Isle Wash is grandfathered in, allowing for the nonconformity, the article reported.

The owners plan to expand Isle Wash by adding a mechanic shop behind the facility and updated automatic wash systems, continued the article.

“Development Director Dr. Sungman Kim and city staff determined the best way to allow [these upgrades] and to bring the business into conformity would be to amend text within Table 5.1 and [Table] 5.2 of the Form-Based Code allowing auto-related sales or service establishments within the Town Center Crossing Zone rather than just allowing for a variance to the code,” explained the article.

Design criteria to mitigate any potential negative impacts on residential areas around the business was addressed in the proposed amendment, noted the article, as well as requirements for the planned mechanic shop, the updated automatic wash systems and the carwash’s equipment.

You can find the article here.