WILMETTE, IL — Village trustees told a gas station’s owners that they can’t build a carwash because the noise would disturb nearby residents, Wilmette Life reported.

The Dec. 13 story stated that the trustees unanimously rejected zoning requests that the owners made. Sound levels projected by a consultant showed the trustees that the wash would generate enough noise to affect the quality of life for residents nearby.

C-store/carwash zoning hearing postponed

Even promises that the carwash doors would be closed during operation did not sway the group. Yet, the trustees said they hoped the station could find a different additional use to add to the small lot.

Co-owner Mohammed Yagoob said in the story that the owners need an additional income source to make the operation profitable. Residents close to the gas station said they respected the owners’ request for a c-store and extra gas pump, but they opposed the carwash.

Shop addition requires multiple variances

Original plans also called for the addition of a Dunkin Donuts location, but the franchise was left behind when the village officials told the owners to downsize the project.

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