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City’s plan may force out decades-old detail shop

MAULDIN, SC — A detail shop owner here is convinced a new proposed downtown plan means his business will close.

MAULDIN, SC — A team of consultants put together a plan for developing downtown here, but the new plan did not include the businesses currently in the area, reported.

The Oct. 1 story stated that city officials are not trying to drive anyone out of business, and they pledged not to use eminent domain to condemn property. Further, they said the plan is a concept that may need years to take shape.

Several businesses in the area said they had not been informed as the plan developed. “Let’s be real about it,” said Nick V. Netchaeff Jr., the owner of Distinctive Details. “We will be forced out.”

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A city administrator stated that many more public meetings would be held, and he would personally talk to the area’s business owners. He also said the plans could change.

City Councilman Larry Goodson pledged that the business owners would be involved and kept informed as the plan moves forward. “What’s to say they couldn’t be the first landowners in downtown?” he said in the story.

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