OYSTER BAY, N.Y. — A museum-like facility featuring vintage autos and memorabilia has recently opened, according to the Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot.

“Collector Car Showcase (CCS) is a multi-level, 18,000-square-foot facility,” stated the article. In addition to the classic cars, CCS displays more than 1,000 items including advertising signs from the 1800s and antique gas pumps.

“New York deserved something like this,” Jacobson shared in the article. “Although this is a private venture, other collectors’ personal car collections are on display as well.”

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Jacobson adds, “But, it is a showcase that tells a visual story about the evolution of cars, artifacts, memorabilia, advertising and everything associated with the early [1900-1950] time period that many collectors rightly call the heyday of cars in this country.”

CCS also offers detailing, exterior and interior reconditioning, car storage, hand washing, window tinting and more, noted the article. Customers can also purchase the cars on display.

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