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Cleaning solutions for different carwash door parts

Different parts of carwash doors require different care.


With colder temperatures spreading across the U.S., and some parts even beginning to experience winter weather, it’s important that you keep your carwash doors in tip-top shape as they start getting more use in the colder months.

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The upcoming November issue article of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, “Autumnal door maintenance” by Assistant Editor Meagan Kusek, covers various door maintenance practices.

According to Kevin Baumgartner, president of American Garage Door Supply Inc., who was interviewed for this article, “All of the exposures of your wash environment — moisture, chemicals, temperature changes and the constant punishment of repetitive use — are constantly working against the integrity of your door system. These forces are damaging to sections, hardware and subcomponents and reduce the ability of your door to operate in a smooth, safe and reliable manner.”

Baumgartner also supplied the following list of cleaning techniques to use on different carwash door parts:

Door sections

Use a cotton rag to wipe the corresponding door sections with the following solutions (excepting aluminum sections):

  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate-compatible cleaner
  • Vinyl: Vinyl-compatible cleaner
  • Aluminum: Buff with an aluminum brightener and Scotch-Brite cleaning pad
  • Plexiglas: Plastic cleaner
  • Glass: Glass or light citrus-based cleaner.

Face hardware/hinges

  • Stainless steel: Use a cotton rag to wipe with a degreaser or high alkaline soap and then power wash
  • Galvanized steel: Use a cotton rag to wipe with a degreaser and then power wash; afterwards, coat with lithium-type lubricant
  • Rollers: Power wash with a hardware detergent mixture
  • Tracks: Power wash with warm water and a degreaser.

Counterbalance assemblies

  • Bearings/bearing plates: Power wash with a degreaser or high alkaline soap
  • Torsion shaft/couplers: Power wash with a degreaser or high alkaline soap
  • Cable drums/cable: Power wash with an aluminum brightener or high alkaline detergent
  • Weather stripping: Clean with warm water and mild detergent.

Be sure to check out the full article on carwash door maintenance when it’s published.

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