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College detailer named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’

CALDWELL, NJ — A college student’s detail business that he started in seventh grade has grown into a mobile service that worked on more than 200 cars in 2011.

CALDWELL, NJ — A college sophomore here won the 2012 New Jersey Collegian Entrepreneur of the Year competition for his detailing business Awesome Auto, The Star-Ledger reported.

The May 20 story stated that David Reeth was awarded first place in the competition at an event held May 4 at the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Rider University in Lawrenceville.

Reeth, a business administration major, started Awesome Auto in seventh grade, and it has grown into a successful mobile detailing service. Reeth and his associates worked on more than 200 vehicles in 2011.

“Word-of-mouth advertising is man’s best friend,” Reeth said in the article.

The competition is designed to recognize entrepreneurial skill and creativity among undergraduate students enrolled in New Jersey colleges and universities.

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