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Comments come in following Forbes article

Last week, Forbes ran an article promoting at-home carwashing. Members of the carwashing industry have since responded, negating the claims.


Last week, Forbes ran an article that promoted at-home carwashing and the use of household cleaners. Members of the carwashing industry have since responded, negating the article's claims.

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The May 25 article, which was written by Jim Gorzelandy, stated, "Sure you could simply take it to the carwash. Or if you’re feeling flush pay a professional detailer several hundred dollars to slave over its appearance, but it’s easy enough to do the job yourself."

The article also suggested rinsing down the car twice with a hose.

It has since been open to comments and we at PC&D were wondering how those in the industry would react. As of today, there have been comments made by those you probably know, disputing the article's claims.


Detailer Earl Weiss said in his comment, "This advice is a professional Car Detailers dream. Trapping all abrasive dirt between the vehicle surface and rag will mess up the finish. Try this. Wet down a dirty car as described. Let it dry. Run your hand over the surface. Feel the gritty dirt on your hand. That’s what you are rubbing into the surface."

Eric Wulf, executive director and CEO of the International Carwash Association™, said in his comment, "Great points about protecting your automobile investment. But one thing you missed was the environmental impact of washing your car yourself. When you wash on pavement, chemicals and detergents are released directly to the environment. One city with 62,000 vehicles recently found that driveway washing annually released 190 gallons of fuel, 400 pounds of phosphorus and 60 pounds of ammonia into rivers and streams."


And detailer Renny Doyle of stated, "I do wish the author had searched out a little more in-depth professional input from a pro level detailing professional as there are several items that are a tad off and many things have changed within the car washing and detailing world in recent years that the serious enthusiast needs to consider. Sure, the at home wash is easy, but when using some of the items suggested, damage can accrue quickly to the cars finish, even within a simple wash. With the average new vehicle costing as much as a new home was 25 years ago, one needs to be a tad more careful then what I read here."


The article is still open to comments if anyone else chooses to reply.

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