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Comments roll in on bumbling Utah lawmaker

SALT LAKE CITY — Representative Eric Hutchings swiped his credit card at a self-serve carwash but forgot to hit the stop button.


SALT LAKE CITY — In early January, PC&D reported on a Utah lawmaker who accused a carwash of ripping him off for $50. Representative Eric Hutchings swiped his credit card at a self-serve carwash but did not hit the stop button after the wash.

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When his credit card bill arrived, he found a charge for almost $50. Hutchings announced his intention to write legislation that would require carwashes to automatically turn off credit card readers and equipment after a "reasonable maximum" was reached.

PC&D readers definitely responded to the story.

On, Sandi commented: I have owned a self serve car wash for 10 years and I have only once had someone not push stop and drive away. In that case, the maximum time kicks in and they are only charged a maximum of $30 which is what the limit is set at. Doesn't take much to read Senator! Can we make a law to make people read the signage??


Hazel P. Cummings said: I am embarrassed for Representative Hutchings, admiting that he isn't sharp enough to read the clearly marked card acceptor that states he needs to push "stop" when fininshed washing his car. The credit card company, he freely admits (more embarrassed for him am I ), asked him if there were instructions. He was forced to say "yes" and the card company of course refused help. Furthermore, it is ludicrous to place such import on the (his)"issue" that he is actually going to submit a bill outlawing what he sees as a rip off. Surely he has more important things to do!


Mike wasn't as polite: If the idiot had shut off the wash it would conserve water and not have charged him. Do you leave the faucet running when you are at home?

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