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Commercial carwash is the way to conserve water during drought

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Why a commercial carwash is the right choice during a drought, according to the Desert Sun.


PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — It’s difficult to keep a car clean in a desert climate, but experts encourage vehicle owners in these areas to wash them during dry spells, according to the Desert Sun.

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California Department of Water Resources Spokesman, Dave Todd, said, “If somebody does what we call an unconserved carwash … they’re going to be using more water than in a carwash.”

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At-home washers will fill up buckets of water for a carwash, and often squirt the hose just for fun, according to the experts. Eric Wulf, chief executive officer of the International Car Wash Association, said that at-home washing will use 60 gallons in five minutes, while a carwash that is conservative will only use 40 gallons per vehicle.


In the case of commercial carwashes, “they’re economically motivated to be consistent,” Todd said.  

Wulf said that professional carwashes have another advantage to go along with water conservation. “[They also ensure] that any waste water is routed to treatment and not to storm sewers or into rivers or streams.”

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