MONROE, La. — Detailers and manufactures both benefit when there’s communication between the two, according to a David's Mobile Detail blog post.

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The blog explains that “as detailers and manufacturers work together, it becomes easier to fine tune products to deliver better results.”

It's up to detailers to tell the companies that make the products they use what works and what doesn't. When a product is really superior, then detailers will use it over another product. The industry is close-knit, and when detailers like something they’re vocal about it, according to the blog.

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Because it’s a close-knit community, avenues like social media should be used as a communication tool between the detailers, the manufacturers and the public. “I encourage all of you reading this to actively voice your opinions  …  and not just promote your work, to further the growth of the auto detailing business.”

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