WEXFORD, Pa. — North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) is looking for volunteers and supplies for its community auto program, according to triblive.com.

The program offers repaired used vehicles to income-eligible buyers, said the article. The group pays to have each vehicle cleaned, but volunteers to do the job would mean the savings could be passed on for more community outreach.

NHCO Community Auto Team Leader Brady Riedel said in the article that the group would love volunteers to come once every few weeks for two to four hours at a time.

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“We'll take anyone who's willing to get a little soapy,” Riedel noted in the article. “The cars range from pristine and garage kept to vehicles that have been used on a farm for years.”

The program is also in need of supplies like car soaps and wax, upholstery cleaner, glass cleaners, sponges, towels, hose nozzles and a vacuum, stated the article.

To qualify to purchase the program’s vehicles, families of four must earn an annual income of less than $59,000. A single mother with an income of less than $39,000 is eligible, explained the article.

In the article, Riedel said they’ll take any kind of car for donation to the program. “If we cannot use it for a family, we'll take it to an auto auction, and those proceeds are used to repair other vehicles. “

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