DETROIT — Detail XPerts will host information sessions focused on underemployment and opening an eco-friendly automotive franchise on Earth Day, April 22, according to a press release.

Topics covered include “the green industry, the profitability of an [eco-friendly] carwash, financing, the DetailXPerts Business model and the support DetailXPerts provides,” stated the release.

“Green businesses are here to stay," said Detail XPerts President Angela Williams. "People are becoming increasingly interested in the state of the environment, and they are finding new ways to become involved in its conservation, including owning a green business or using eco-friendly products and services. DetailXPerts is a franchise genuinely concerned about the environment."

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The release reports the company wants to fight underemployment by empowering people to start their own businesses.

"We are committed to developing communities by training new business leaders and enhancing their lives with new skills," Williams shared in the release. "We want to give people the opportunity to achieve financial independence and create generational wealth for their families without them having to worry about the minimum wage."

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