The Extrutech Plastics Partition Wall Panel (P224) allows numerous design options. It has a wall thickness of 2.25″, which allows for an insulation option that provides a (R-10). Cut-to-the-inch panel lengths or based on your requirements, with door and window cut-out options. This user-friendly panel also allows for easy field cuts if needed, and its tongue-and-groove design makes for quick installation.

The Partition Wall Panel (P224) is a rigid 2.25″-thick by 24″-wide with lengths up to to 20′. This smooth wall panel has a bright white, glossy surface on both sides that provides that fresh clean appearance. This panel is waterproof, will never rust, rot, corrode or fade; it is easy to clean and ideal for corrosive or high-moisture areas where daily sanitation is critical and can also be used to reduce general moisture, dust control or limit area access.