HARTFORD, Conn. — Lawmakers in Connecticut are being urged to roll back taxes imposed last year on carwashes and ambulatory surgical care centers to help balance the state’s budget, according to the Daily Reporter.

Connecticut business owners said they are suffering from the imposed taxes, stated the article, and anticipate that companies operating on slim margins will close down.

On Wednesday, March 9, reported the article, the General Assembly’s Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee heard testimony from several business interests that called for the recent tax increases or changes to be eliminated.

Because Connecticut still faces severe budget problems, continued the article, it’s uncertain whether state legislators will agree to rolling back the tax increases.

According to the article, the current fiscal year is at least $220 million in deficit and the new fiscal year beginning July 1 could be as much as $900 million in deficit.

Ben Barnes, budget director for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, urged the committee to oppose 13 bills which either scrap earlier tax increases or create new tax exemptions, informed the article, for which he noted, “would result in revenue reductions that would make it more challenging to enact a balanced budget.”

Since the tax was imposed, added the article, Mark Curtis, co-owner of Splash Car Wash, said he has already seen his volume decrease.

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