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Construction of new Wash Barn location underway

MARIETTA, GA — The first of 13 properties targeted for redevelopment incentives has a new owner and should open in two months.


MARIETTA, GA — Construction began in early October on a Wash Barn carwash in a foreclosed building that had been abandoned for some time, the Marietta Daily Journal reported.

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Highway construction hurting NY carwash

The Oct. 3 story stated that new Owner Robbie Stewart hopes the project will take two months to finish. Stewart plans on spending a lot of time and money on landscaping.

Stewart explained in the story that, by polishing up the property nicely, he hopes to attract customers and start a positive chain reaction in other nearby businesses to spruce up their properties.

Surprise carwash construction angers neighbors

The Wash Barn is the first in a redevelopment program started by the town to provide tax incentives to business owners who purchase foreclosed properties on Canton Road and develop them.


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