MEAFORD, Ontario — Construction is projected to start in spring for a new gas station, carwash and convenience store, which will be built next to a Tim Hortons in Meaford, according to the Meaford Express.

Meaford Council approved a somewhat revised site plan agreement for the new business, stated the article, during its regular meeting on Jan. 18.

Although the plans were previously approved by the Council, reported the article, the proponent of the project made minor changes to the design.

“He wants to pull [building] permits in the spring,” said Rob Armstrong, planning director, in the article.

Armstrong explained in a report to the Council that the agreement includes “securities to ensure the works are built according to the plans approved by Council” as well as “provisions for the payment of cash in lieu of parkland, which is two percent of the value of the land being developed,” continued the article.

The agreement also includes issues such as the provision of landscape buffer, stormwater facility maintenance, shared access and future source water protection requirements, noted the article.

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