Control panel

Control panel

The Stealth Intelligent Control Panel from IDC maximizes performance while saving energy.

The Stealth Intelligent Control Panel from International Drying Corporation (IDC) creates an energy efficient power management system that coordinates motor load and frequencies to maximize performance and monitor motor function while maximizing the opportunity to conserve energy.   

Other features and uses of IDC’s Stealth Intelligent Control Panel include:

  • Monitor amp draw to control frequency of motors to maximize performance.
  • Monitor motor temperatures to maximize motor life and detect possible failures.
  • Wireless access to monitor systems and provide alerts for possible failures.
  • Monitor and report motor cycles for maintenance schedules. 
  • Email and text alerts.
  • 3 year live data access.
  • Ability to deactivate specific motors remotely.
  • Monitor incoming voltage to calibrate voter frequency with the intent to optimize motor performance while assuring the motor is operating within manufacturer specifications.
  • Monitor sound frequency for changes.
  • Monitor sound levels.

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