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Council grants carwash temporary approval

FALMOUTH, England — Conditions of the approval note that the hand carwash should shut down before Feb. 15, 2017.


FALMOUTH, England — A carwash located at the Swanpool Beach car park in Falmouth has been granted a temporary 12-month approval, according to Packet Newspapers.

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After the wash had been trading for about a year without permission, Lee Warren of Swanpool Beach Ltd. applied for “retrospective planning consent for the carwash,” stated the article.

Last October, reported the article, all but one member of the Falmouth Town Council’s planning committee supported the proposal.

Cornwall Council “has now determined it under delegation and granted conditional approval,” continued the article, for which the conditions note that carwash operations should shut down before Feb. 15, 2017, and the land being used should be restored to its original state.


These conditions allow Cornwall Council to maintain control over the development, informed the article, which “may have an unacceptable detrimental impact on the amenities currently enjoyed by the users and residents of Swanpool Beach and the immediate area.”

Another condition of the conditional approval states that the carwash can only be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, added the article.

“I feel it is an inappropriate use of land next to a SSI nature reserve and popular recreation beach,” said Kieran Stivey, area resident, in the article. “Falmouth has other carwash facilities that are in more appropriate locations. … As [regular users] of Swanpool Beach throughout the year, our family and friends have been sprayed by the carwash whilst sitting on the beach.”


Another area resident, Hazel Evans, supports the approval of the carwash, noted the article. “I support this application because I see it as a very welcome facility for residents of Falmouth and others visiting the area,” stated Evans in the article. “I know of several people who welcomed this carwash facility. For various reasons, many people are unable to wash their own cars and do not like to use the automatic carwash at Asda. Most towns/cities now have hand carwash facilities similar to the operation at Swanpool, and it is something which Falmouth lacked until it opened last year.”


You can find the article here.

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