CORNWALL, England — Falmouth Town Council is supporting an application for retrospective planning consent for a hand wash that has been operating at Swanpool Beach car park for the past several months, according to

During last week’s planning committee meeting, all but one of the councilors voted in favor of the recommendation, which is subject to a condition limiting the carwash’s operational hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays, stated the article.

The statement which accompanied the application, submitted by Swanpool Beach Ltd., reported that the plan is to construct three steel polls, approximately nine feet high (2.7 meters), at the corners of the concrete hardstanding, continued the article.

These polls will support a temporary canvas which will serve for shade during the hottest parts of the year, with the forth corner of the canvas connected to the building, reported the article.

The shade structure will be removed each night, added the article.

The plan also stated, as reported by the article, “Other than these modest [ground] structures, the hand carwash comprises a new concrete hardstanding, approximately [20 by 13 feet, or six by four meters], for the actual washing station. This hardstanding has a built-in proprietary silt trap to [keep] dirt and other solids from entering the public sewer.”

According to the article, the plan continued, “In addition to the silt trap, a below-ground oil separator tank has been installed to clean the wastewater before final discharge into the nearby public sewer.”

The hand wash will also create two full-time and eight part-time jobs for the area, informed the article.

The Falmouth Town Council’s recommendation has been sent to Cornwall Council, noted the article, which will make the final decision regarding the application’s approval or rejection.

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