GREENOCK, Scotland — Inverclyde Council has declined a permit to allow a business owner use of a former filling station as a carwash, according to the Greenock Telegraph.

Jim McIntosh offered to pay £15,000 in rent to use the space, which is now available for £5,000, noted the article.

The council believes the carwash is the wrong kind of business for the space, reported the article, but McIntosh disagrees.

“I really don’t think Inverclyde Council is in any position to be snooty — a business is a business and money is money,” said McIntosh, in the article. “I would give employment to local people and I really think we could have made a great success of a car wash there.”

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A council spokesperson shared in the article that the space is integral to area revitalization plans, so it will consider all offers carefully.

“We have had interest from a range of businesses but the council has decided we will not accept offers for a car wash or hot food outlet on the site,” stated the spokesperson, in the article.

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