BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada — Developer Brockton Projects has proposed an oil change and carwash facility for a vacant parcel of land, according to

The Quick Oil Change plans were submitted to the council Tuesday, noted the article. The first phase of the plan would include the oil change, and the second would be a mixed-use commercial building.

Reception to the proposal was mixed, stated the article. Councillor Susan Chapelle said she couldn’t support it. “I do not see an auto-oriented development being in the entrance to our town, right in the middle of our two schools.”

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However, the site has been empty since the mid-1990s, reported the article. Andrew Sinclair with Brockton Projects claimed he wants to invest in the community.

“For the eastern end of it, my concern is that we get something that is very attractive because it is the gateway to our community. It is one of the first buildings you will see when you turn off the highway,” shared Councillor Doug Race in the article. “There is an economic reality to these things and there has to be some use … It can’t be a lawn; I can see the problem with that. The challenge is going to be integrating that into the neighborhood.” 

The district will review the project before voting, reported the article. An open house was held regarding the proposal on May 6.

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