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Over the horizon — What is down the road for carwashes?

Looking at industry challenges and issues that will affect car care operations in 2015.

Use the right chemicals on upholstery

Follow these tips and suggestions with every upholstery service.

Be prepared for a busy winter

The steps to prepare for another busy winter season.

Boost your brand loyalty

Establishing brand loyalty when customer interaction is extremely limited is one of the biggest challenges facing any carwash.

49 marketing tricks to boost your business

Successful marketing programs that attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal are massively important.

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Factoring the average profit margin per car washed

One of the most searched questions in carwashing is the average profit margin per car washed. The answer varies depending on factors like the region, quality of the vehicle output, quality of the operator and equipment brand.

Money and water
Tire care

Tire shine applicators are usually an add-on that provides that “special something” in the carwash experience. For this service to bring in more revenue for your business, however, it needs to be working efficiently and to be properly maintained.

The cold, hard facts about water

In general, there are three types of water that are used in carwashes: Hard water, soft water, and reverse osmosis (RO) water. It is important to understand how and where to best utilize each of these types of water in a carwash.

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Stories from the trenches: Prime Shine Car Wash

President Evan Porges shares his tips for success.