February 2017 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Carwash security best practices

What you need to secure your new business.

lock, security, technology, cybersecurity
Solvent-based vs. water-based tire dressings

Tire dressing products and their benefits.

tire dressings, water, tire, wet tire, tire shine
Financing a new carwash

The best practices when selecting a carwash loan for upgrades, additions or new locations.

businessman, money, dollars, maze, financing, loans
Profile of carwash success: 7 Flags Car Wash

Named for history and creating a heritage.

7 Flags Car Wash
What you need to know about c-stores

A business veteran explains the perks of owning a c-store.

c-stores, convenience store, basket, drinks, shelves, shopping, groceries
Using RFID to create customer loyalty

Helping your new customers enjoy loyalty programs with ease.

RFID, chip, tag, reader
Heat up sales with carwash lava foam application

Be the talk of town with your chemical application show.

chemical application, lava bath, foam, wax, carwash
Out of the Dark Ages with LED lighting

LEDs are sparking a renaissance in lighting technology.

LED, LED lighting, incandescent bulb, darkness, light
Crafting the ideal carwash menu

How new owners can balance the science and art of carwash menu creation.

carwash menu, signage, pricing, wash packages
Welcome back to Arlington for the SCWA EXPO

Southwest Car Wash Association’s annual event aims to educate and advance attendees.

trade show, people, convention, convention center, booths, booth
Removing used car odors

Tips for identifying and treating unwanted auto malodors.

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