February 2020 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Servicing fleet accounts

More cars, more profits.

fleet accounts, trucks, delivery vans, fleets
Causes and treatments for micro scratches

A detailing expert shares tips for these common surface issues.

detailing, polishing, micro scratches, car
Showing off with LEDs

How adding a light show and illuminating existing services can boost wash sales.

self-serve carwash, LED lighting, modern, LEDs
Profile: H2Go Express Car Wash

Whetting customers’ appetites for better wash quality.

H2Go Express Car Wash
Preventing on-site accidents

Expert tips to educate employees and ensure safety for bustling wash businesses.

accident, scanning, sensors, future, car, data
Refresh tunnels with new brush colors

Changing tunnel wash brush and hangdown colors tells customers you are upgrading your service.

carwash brush, colors, brushes
Finding the perfect carwash buyer

Three ways to find the right buyer for your carwash.

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