July 2016 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Build brand power with the right USP

Fuel up your car care business’ revenue potential by establishing a strong USP.

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Carwash adaptive action planning for smart water management

With water shortages impacting many regions across the U.S., carwashes should consider implementing an adaptive action plan for smart water management.

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Profile of carwash success: Zappy’s Auto Washes

Having a quality team is the key to victory for Zappy’s Auto Washes.

Zappy's Auto Washes
A carwash’s guide to reverse osmosis

Installing an RO system can help your carwash achieve spotless results.

reverse osmosis, feedwater, raw water, reading, meter, checklist, maintenance, RO technology
How carwashes can stand out with signage: Part 2

With smart design, carwashes can utilize signage as an effective marketing tool.

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An inside look at the 2016 Water Issue

In the July’s On the Menu, Rich DiPaolo dives right in to discuss the carwash industry’s most precious resource: water.

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How to hire and retain millennials

With effective techniques, carwashes can successfully hire and retain millennials while also instilling a “serve one, serve all” environment.

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Carwashing by region: Finding the right wash process for your area

Which of these carwashing services should you be offering customers in your region?

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Why water quality matters for carwashes

Water quality is key to running effective, and lucrative, carwash operations. Do you know what’s in your water?

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How fleet accounts impact your bottom line

Catering to fleet accounts can help bring in more profits for your car care business.

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