July 2017 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Offering headlight restoration services

Clearing up the finer points of headlight restoration services.

headlight restoration, polisher, car, detailing
The demise of driveway washing

Carwashing at home or in a parking lot is on the decline, but there’s still work to do.

Carwash towel basics

Why one of the oldest tools in carwashing is still one of the most important.

car, microfiber towel, detailing
Spring into education

We’ve elevated our marketplace knowledge in recent months.

Seminar, event, conference, education, training, business training, speaker, presentation, conference, lecture, meeting, speech
Water’s role in the carwash

Effective filtration can overcome spotty results.

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Pushing POS system performance

Experts share best practices and the most popular features for modern POS systems.

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