May 2016 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Convenience stores and carwashing: A bright future

Growth in the auto and convenience store industries create significant opportunities for carwashes.

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How carwashes can cut utility costs

With the right strategies in place, carwashes can reduce water and sewer payments while boosting profits.

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Why you should attend The Car Wash Show 2016

Maximize your return on investment when attending this year’s The Car Wash Show, as well as other industry events.

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How to protect your carwash from auto-related accidents

Accidents happen; make sure you’re properly prepared when an incident arises at your carwash.

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What you need to know when building a new tunnel carwash

Set your sights on the revenue at the end of the carwash tunnel.

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The 2016 Most Valuable Carwasher award

The Professional Carwashing & Detailing team is thrilled to present the 26th MVC award to Jose Luis Cruz of Stamford, Connecticut.

The evolution of carwash doors

Check out this brief timeline of key improvements made over the past few decades to carwash doors.

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What’s new for Internet marketing in 2016

A breakdown of the latest digital happenings so far this year.

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How to handle customer complaints: Part 2

Is the customer really always right?

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A 4-step process to remove brake dust

Don’t slow down profits.

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