May 2019 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Profiles of carwash success: Autobell Car Wash

For 50 years, the sounds of success have pealed from this business.

Autobell Car Wash
7 growth strategies to spur fresh success

Words from the wise about personal and professional improvement.

growth, business, success
Recapitalization: how to leverage your existing portfolio

Is this financing option right for you?

recapitalization, money, balance, scale, man
3 steps for cleaner, clearer windows

Tips for achieving a shiny, streak-free window.

windshield, towel, glass cleaning, windows
Upgrading carwash chemistry

How learning more about modern chemicals can pay off for wash operators.

lava, hot wax, carwash chemistry
Quick lube basics for wash owners

Why now may be the best time to invest and expand a wash’s menu car care offerings.

oil, quick lube, automotive
Marketing: a necessity you’re missing out on

Tips from a returning carwash veteran.

megaphone, marketing
A lender’s perspective: the glass is half empty

Lenders may be pessimistic, but being prepared can fill the glass in your favor.

glass half empty, glass half full, pessimistic, optimistic, lender
Creating zen at the carwash

Customers have switched from anxious to relaxed.

zen, lotus, rocks, water
The 2019 Most Valuable Carwasher

The Professional Carwashing & Detailing team is thrilled to present the 29th MVC award to Jeff Wagner of Roswell, New Mexico.

medal, 2019, Most Valuable Carwasher
The Car Wash Show 2019 prep

Another show in Nashville is music to attendees’ ears.

The Car Wash Show 2019
Tips from Zips: Creating a company culture

How a leading conveyor chain fosters employee growth and community outreach.

Zips Car Wash