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Creating Promotions for Unmanned Car Wash Sites

You’ve read the articles about the importance of promotions and how they can build customer loyalty and increase your revenue.



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You've read the articles about the importance of promotions and how they can build customer loyalty and increase your revenue. Ideas such as: give away chocolate hearts on Valentine's Day or pumpkins on Halloween are great ideas but if you own a car wash that isn't continuously manned these may be irrelevant making it frustrating when searching for promotional ideas.

There are ways around putting on a promotion without continuously being present. The best way to do this is with signage around your wash. Scan your car wash location and look for the different opportunities you have to put signage. You can invest in signs such as wall mounted poster frames, windmasters, or pump toppers. Each sign that is placed at the wash is an opportunity to communicate with your customers or potential customers driving by.


When deciding on a promotion, you first need to decide what the end goal is. Is it just a nice gesture to help build loyalty? Is it to build a customer contact list? Increase revenue? Increase your likes on Facebook? If it is to build a customer contact list, an "Enter and Win" promotion might be the best fit.

An "Enter and Win" promotion could be a gift basket. The gift basket could be a car wash theme including items such as coupons, free washes, air fresheners, microfiber cloths, etc. Once you have the basket created, take pictures of the basket and have signs created that you can post throughout the wash. The signs should include everything the customer needs to know: what type of promotion it is, how do they enter and a list of what is included in the basket.


How you have them enter to win depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you want more Twitter followers, they can only enter by following you and re-tweeting your promotion. You could also have them enter by text messaging or on your website contact form if you have one. Whichever the method of receiving contact information, be sure to keep track in order for you to know if your promotion was successful or not.

Creating a promotion that can gather customer contact information helps build your customer base for future promotions and aids in building customer loyalty.


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