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Creating the ideal loyalty program for C-stores

MINNEAPOLIS — C-store loyalty program participation is not on par with that of grocery and drug stores, and a study has been done to find the ideal loyalty program to improve participation, according to


MINNEAPOLIS — A study of 348 c-store and beverage shoppers ranging from age 18 to 64 was done in January and February to develop an ideal c-store loyalty program, according to

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The three things that create an “ideal” loyalty program were an easy sign-up experience, noteworthy rewards and reminders about deals through things like email and receipt notifications, and an element of fun in the program, such as surprise deals and rewarding a customer with discounts for money spent at a business.

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The qualitative study found many interesting results, including that 89 percent of those interviewed currently participate in at least some form of a loyalty rewards program, according to the article.


Only 35 percent of those interviewed, noted the article, participated in a c-store or gas loyalty program. There was also almost an even split between those who were very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, and unsatisfied with the programs at c-stores.

Chris Quam, consumer insights manager at General Mills Convenience & Foodservice, said, "Convenience store shoppers are familiar with loyalty programs from grocery and drug stores, but fewer shoppers participate in c-store loyalty programs. There is definitely an opportunity to expand.”

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