PITTSBURGH — A Detail King Authorized Licensee came up with a novel idea to market their detailing shop to other businesses, according to Detail King.   

“Employee Recognition Gift Certificates,” about the size of a postcard, can be handed out to managers and business owners to give to their employees. These certificates, notes the blog, can be used for something like $50 off of a complete auto detailing service, or $10 off of any package. The blog recommends handing out these certificates to employers, and giving them enough to distribute to multiple workers.  

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The gift certificates can be a win-win by giving new customers a discount, while drumming up additional business. Business owners will want to give these certificates out, states the blog, because it’s a free way for them to show employees thanks for their hard work.

Special packages can be designed around this promotion, which give customers value, but still affords the detailer a good return as well.

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It’s important, states the blog, to offer real quality with the certificates, and not to use them as a way of bringing a customer in without giving them a good deal.

The certificates must be eye-catching, and contain relevant information like operating hours, accepted payment types, location, website and anything else that will be important to customers considering using their certificate.

Detail King will soon be coming out with a template to allow detailers to easily print out their own certificates.

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