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Creatively Stand Apart from Your Competition

Standing apart from your competition is important to drawing in more customers.


Standing apart from your competition is important to drawing in more customers. Having a marketing plan for the upcoming year can help in accomplishing this. Putting together different promotions throughout the year can keep things fresh and exciting for your existing or potential customers and also your employees. By drawing customers in through promotions, you can increase your loyalty and your brand awareness throughout the community.

It is best to start and plan your marketing for the upcoming year early enough that you have time to implement your promotions effectively. Ideally, you would've started laying out 2014 this past December remembering to mark due dates for signage or other items that need to be ordered ahead of time so they can be displayed at the car wash in time for the promotion. Remember to give yourself some wiggle room in case something comes up and you weren't able to get your marketing task done for that day.

When you begin to layout your calendar, decide month-by-month what types of promotions you will be running each month and your budget for monthly marketing. Promotions can include things such as coupons, holiday promotions, cross promotion with a neighboring businesses, social media, etc.

Once you have your promotions decided for the month, make a to-do list of items that need to be completed before, during and after the promotion, including the date of completion of each item. This will help keep you organized and on track for your promotion. This objective can also be done with an employee that you can put in charge of implementing the marketing promotions for the year. Including a second team member can keep you on track for the year and also gives you the ability to split up the responsibilities.

Lustra™ Professional Car Care Products is putting together a monthly email of marketing ideas to help you throughout the year with ideas and support for implementing these promotions. To be a part of this monthly email list, click on the following link We will also be posting ideas and tips on the Lustra Facebook page.

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