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Customer claims thief put credit card skimmer at a carwash

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The thief used the card to purchase music festival tickets.


FORT MYERS, Fla. — According to, Neal Bowers claimed he went to a carwash and had his credit card skimmed.

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Bowers said he went to the carwash at the Gulf Coast Town Center one weekend in mid-April, and used the automatic pay station to swipe his card, the article continued; the next day, he received an alert about fraudulent charges.

Bowers said he figured out it was the carwash after retracing his steps, the article noted.

His credit card was used to purchase $324 worth of tickets to the Tortuga Music Festical in Miami, and it was also declined when the thief tried to make an additional purchase on Ticketmaster, the article added.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the case, the article stated.

Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Estero, as well as all of Charlotte County, have an ordinance in place that requires gas stations to put special locks on their pumps to make it more difficult for thieves to install skimming devices, but the ordinance does not apply to other businesses, the article added.

The carwash owner said that no skimmer was found, the article concluded.

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