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Customer damages IBA, takes off without a word

MESA, Ariz. — According to, Yasser Majed, who owns a local carwash, claims his wash was damaged by a customer on Feb. 16th, who then took off.

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The incident was caught on surveillance footage, the article continued.

“We’ve been down since Sunday,” said Majed. “Repairs: $2,000 to $3,000; plus down time: $3,000 to $4,000.”

When the carwash is up and running, Majed said it makes around $300 a day, the article stated.

In the footage, a gray Toyota Tacoma truck was in the carwash when some of the bristles got caught on a bike rack on the back of the truck, the article noted.

In this type of carwash, the bristles are designed to break off when they get caught on a car, but when that doesn’t work, the entire carwash is designed to shut down, the article stated.

“It’s telling you something was wrong. He may have gotten nervous. I really don’t know,” said Majed.

The driver ended up pulling out of the wash with the truck tugging on the entire machine and bending one of the mechanical arms out of shape, the article stated.

Then the truck drove off, covered in soap, and it has not been seen since, the article noted.

“Hopefully, somebody knows who it is, or he realizes the damage he has done, and maybe do the right thing and say sorry, what happened, here are my insurance papers and go from there,” said Majed.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time the carwash has been damaged, according to Majed; a couple years ago, he had to replace the entire unit after a van that was too tall tried to squeeze inside.

The van was stuck for nearly nine hours, and it took the fire department’s help to free it, the article concluded.

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