ST. CHARLES, Ill. — According to the Daily Herald, the St. Charles Fire Department awarded Martha Rossdahl and Karlos Ingram with the department’s citizenship award for their quick actions to save a person who became entangled in the carwash’s machinery on Sept. 30th and preventing the victim’s injuries from becoming worse.

When the incident occurred, witnesses called the fire department for help, the article continued; however, with the victim suffering more injuries with each minute that passed, Rossdahl and Ingram, who were customers at the carwash at the time, put themselves in harm’s way to free the victim.

They removed the steel cover to the machine pit where the emergency controls were located and shut down the machine that had trapped the victim, the article noted.

They then worked to free the victim’s leg from the machinery and conduct basic first aid while waiting for emergency technicians to arrive, the article added.

“Their actions, above and beyond the normal expectations of a bystander, saved the victim from further injury,” read the recommendation from the responding battalion shift for Rossdahl and Ingram to receive the department’s citizenship award.

Ingram claimed that Rossdahl deserves most of the credit, since she instigated the rescue efforts, the article stated.

Mayor Ray Rogina honored them for putting the needs of another person in trouble ahead of their own, saying, “A lot of people don’t bother to take care of their fellow man.”

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