REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Eco Green Auto Clean hopes business will increase as drought conditions in the state continue to grow more severe, according to

The wash opened two-and-a-half years ago with its eco-friendly wash method, noted the article. It uses less than one cup of water in almost every wash.

Workers clean vehicles with a non-toxic chemical that is sprayed on the vehicle and wiped off, stated the article. Wash officials say the spray is made with less than one cup of water. It will break up dirt particles, although caked-on dirt has to be sprayed with water first.

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Manager Victor Perez shared in the article that people are getting more serious about the drought, and that has helped business, reported the article.

“We're getting a lot more customers," said Perez in the article. "They're cutting off the water in different types of cities. And in Redwood City it hasn't happened yet. But sooner or later it will, though. And when that happens, we're just gonna blow up. We're already doing it, though. It's just little by little people are starting to notice that we have less than a year of water to live with."

SUVs can be washed for $30, noted the article. Customers can also purchase the formula for $15 and a towel for $3.

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