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Dad launches carwash review YouTube channel for autistic son

HAMILTON, Ontario — One dad has gone through 115 carwashes and recorded them all.


HAMILTON, Ontario — According to, Clint Baker launched a YouTube carwash review channel named Reviews by Vince for his autistic son, Vince, 9.

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So far, Baker has reviewed 115 automatic carwashes since August 2016, and the channel has become unexpectedly popular with 430 subscribers, the article continued.

Baker reviews the packages, wash quality and pricing, the article noted.

His commenters, many of whom are autistic, respond on his channel, chiming in about the type of system, foam coverage and the merits of a friction versus touchless system, the article added.

“Let’s see who can be the first person in the comments below to tell me the correct name of this system,” Baker said during one review.

Someone responded, “That machine is built by Mark VII.”

Other commenters ask for him to review certain washes in the area, the article stated.

Baker said that ever since Vince was a baby, he has loved carwashes, elevators, escalators and automatic doors, the article noted.

“Every time I went to get a carwash, it would be a treat for him to go with me,” Baker said. “It was one of a very small number of things that stimulated him.”


Baker, a sales manager for ROI Ergonomics, said he puts about 60,000 kilometers on his vehicle each year and that he likes to keep it clean, the article stated.

He would originally save the videos of the carwashes on a USB drive to show to his son later, but he worried that the hard drive that stored them would crash; thus, he started the YouTube channel, the article stated.

Baker said that sometimes, “I will literally go through four or five carwashes in a row. My car will be spotless, but I want the videos for my son.”

According to Katherine Buchan, Autism Ontario’s education materials coordinator, “People with autism typically have different sensory profiles, which means they can be over or under sensitive to lights, sounds, touch.


“It makes sense that a carwash would be something that someone with autism might really enjoy taking part in, or looking at on YouTube. You’ve got the swishing. You’ve got the back and forth. You’ve got the cars driving through. There are so many sensory pieces to it.”

Read the original article and check out some videos here.

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