GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A large new car dealership is getting into the carwash business and only charging customers $1, reported.

The Jan. 17 story stated that Fox Shine Car Wash opened last week, and the location will wash any car purchased at Fox Motors for $1. The wash will also let schools use the location for fundraising events.

Mobile washer cleans 300 cars for dealership

“Fox Shine will offer state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest quality car wash for $1 to any Fox Motors customer who has a fox head and Fox Motors license plate frame on their vehicle,” the company said in an announcement. “Once per month a school will be selected to use the car wash as a fundraising opportunity. On those days, a donation will be accepted for each car wash and the school organization will receive all proceeds.”

Vehicles that do not display the fox head or license plate frame are charged $6 for a basic wash. Upgraded carwash options cost $4 for Fox Motors customers and $12 for other vehicles.

Fox Motors operates 21 new car dealerships throughout Michigan. The wash will be open seven days a week.

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