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Defining value and values


For established business owners and venturing entrepreneurs, part of the job description is determining a business’ value as well as its values. On the service side, working to provide the best results at a competitive price is the basis of creating value for customers. From the community aspect, developing a set of values for a business and communicating them to the customer base is an important step. Though these ideas sometimes seem at odds, both are vital pieces of a car care business’ success.

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This month, as many businesses and families pause to reflect and give back during the holiday season, it is an excellent time to recognize that the carwash industry never really stops giving back. Year-round, and our daily eNews proudly reports on the frequent charity events and fundraisers that car care businesses champion. From supporting nonprofits and school groups to helping pave the way for public memorials and community service projects, carwash businesses often lend a neighborly hand to those in need. These stories go beyond “feel good” clichés and instead represent the solid values that many carwash and detail shop owners possess.


Moving into 2015, important issues stand ready to impact value in the car care market. For this month’s cover feature, we reached out to industry groups and experts to get their initial thoughts on the year ahead. Few years qualify as boring in the carwashing and detailing industry, and 2015 will undoubtedly bring new trends and issues that will affect the value offered by owners and operators. Are our sources concerned about the Affordable Care Act, safety regulations, minimum wage hikes or unionization? Read this month’s cover feature to learn more.

Finally, though Thanksgiving has passed, there’s still time for the carwash industry to be thankful for many value-increasing trends. Among them, new technologies, an improving economy and the public’s growing interest in environmentally-responsible, automated washing. Whether roadways are covered in ice or the weather is nice, best-in-class carwashes have learned from previous financial and operational challenges, and they enter another cold winter ready to help customers keep their vehicles clean, functional and safe.


Here’s to owners creating value and communicating their values in 2015 and beyond.

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