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Destructive fire began in detailing bay

RARITAN TOWNSHIP, NJ — Though the detailing bay and carwash were damaged, the business plans to reopen and hand wash customer cars.

RARITAN TOWNSHIP, NJ — A combination carwash, detail business and quick lube here is planning a partial reopening after parts of the location were destroyed by fire, reported.

The Sept. 11 story stated that the fire broke out in the detail bay where employees hand-polished and cleaned the interiors of customer cars. Investigators believe it was an electrical short in a customer’s truck or in a piece of cleaning equipment.

The detail area is located between the automatic carwash and the quick lube, so there were plenty of chemicals that would have accelerated the fire. Shammy Shine’s President Craig Stem said the firefighters who battled the blaze for three hours did a great job. As PC&D reported, the large fire even drew onlookers.

Though the quick lube section will soon reopen, the automatic carwash will be out of business for several months. To keep employees working and business moving through the location, Stem said the business’s five self-serve bays will be used for hand carwashing and detailing.

One bay will be used for vacuuming, one for hand washing, one for detailing and one for self-serve washes. The fifth bay will have picnic tables and serve as a waiting area for carwash customers.

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