WILMINGTON, DE — The 202 Auto Spa here had its certificate for occupancy revoked by the New Castle License and Inspection Review Board, The News Journal reported.

The April 16 story stated that the board voted the business was wrongly allowed to open last July by the county. The legal argument against the business came down to whether the single auto bay could be counted as a parking spot.

Four parking spots are required by the county's building code, and the review board decided the bay should not be counted as a parking space.

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The owners of an adjacent video story appealed the county's 2012 decision pointing out that the lack of four spaces added to the congestion outside the stores.

While officials noted that there is nothing in the building code that says a bay can't be considered an actual parking space, the opposition countered saying there's nothing in the code that says it can be either.

A resident who lives behind the stores said in the story, "If it’s not prohibited or allowed, I rely on you to use common sense on whether it should be allowed, which it should not. It’s a service bay, not a parking space.”

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