OKLAHOMA CITY — A wash employee got a large, slithering surprise during a detail service here, 9news.com reported.

The May 14 story stated that the employee moved the seat back to clean the trash on the floor, and he felt something strange under the seat. He felt a snake.

“When he touched that snake he ran across the lot,” Super Clean Car Wash Owner Daniel Smelser said in the story. “It scared him good.”

When an employee grabbed the snake’s head with pliers, it wrapped around the seat leg and would not let go. It took several people to finally remove the snake.

The car’s owner had no idea the snake was under the seat, and he had driven 80 miles that morning with the reptile in the car.

Mark Howery, a wildlife diversity biologist, said in the story that it is not uncommon for rat snakes to eat a big meal then curl up in a quiet place. “Almost all of the odd snake stories I’ve heard have involved rat snakes because they are good climbers,” he said.

While there are seven venomous snakes in Oklahoma, Howery noted that they are not generally found in urban areas.