KANSAS CITY, MO — KC Detailing here announced that the company had doubled its gross sales for the third consecutive year, according to a press release.

The Sept. 20 release stated that the locally owned business started three years ago with one employee, a hose and a bucket, and now it has grown into a fleet of vans running seven days a week.

Owner Tim Dodd spoke about the company’s success in the release, and said it took, “Lots of hard work. That’s how we’ve done it. And then, some more hard work. Of course, we do offer an awesome service. Who doesn’t like having their car detailed while they’re at home or work? But my opinion is the reason we’ve gotten to where we are so fast is because of all the work our team has put into the business these last few years. And now it’s starting to pay off.”

Being a mobile service contributed to the success because many customers are people who work long hours at their jobs. These customers do not want to spend their spare time car detailing.

“Exponential growth has presented us with a number of challenges,” Dodd said in the story, “usually a business has more time to develop its infrastructure and systems. We’ve had to adopt what I call a ‘ready, fire, aim’ model. We prepare as best we can, run with it and update it as we go. I think that’s actually helped us be much more efficient, flexible and evolve more quickly than if we grew slowly. I’d rather have the challenge of how to handle business bursting at the seams than not having enough.”

Still, business is good for the detailer. The weather aided the company’s success last year, and the company’s employees are constantly strategizing how to improve their services and stay ahead of the competition. Current plans call for possible franchising of the company.