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Detailing and dealership combo thwarted again

EASTHAM, MA — A zoning board here voted against a special permit allowing a small dealership and detail shop combination to use outdoor displays.

EASTHAM, MA — A couple’s plans to open a five-car dealership that would also provide detailing services here was stymied again by the zoning board, reported.

The Aug. 29 story stated that Kristin and Donald Carboni have already been granted the right to sell vehicles on the property. Now they are seeking a special permit for outdoor displays and the selling of detail products.

While three members of the zoning board had no problem with the special permit, four votes were required to approve permit. Member George Reinhart spoke out during a board meeting saying he was against the permit because it would open up the area to more car dealers. “If you get away with this, everyone else will get away with it,” he said during the meeting.

Board chairman Stephen Wasby voted against the permit as well. “Do we allow this because someone has made a sympathetic case? The answer is, if we allow it then everyone and his cousin will want it,” he said in the meeting.

After the hearing, the Carbonis' attorney said the couple was disappointed, but they would review their options.

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