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Detailing and preparing a car before storage

There are many steps an owner must take before storing a vehicle, and detailing is an important part of the process.


A blog on storing vehicles highlighted exterior and interior detailing as a necessary step and noted that a car or truck should be cleaned thoroughly inside and out before going into storage.

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Mild winter a mixed blessing for carwashes

The Oct. 15 posting stated that a vehicle should be given a good hand wash, a new coat of wax and the chrome should be polished. An owner should pay special attention that all tree-sap drops are removed from the paint as well.

If there are unpainted metal areas under the car prone to rust, the posting recommended an application of rubberized undercoating spray. This coating would need to be replaced on a yearly basis, and it should not be sprayed on or near exhaust components.


Winterizing your wash

Inside the car, all trash should be removed and seat covers are recommended for protection. If the carpet or seats are steam cleaned, they should be done far enough in advance of the storage to avoid moisture buildup and mold.

Other steps listed in the posting include over inflating tires, adding fuel stabilizer, changing a car’s oil and the removal of the battery.

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